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Commercial and home window tinting is growing more and more popular because of the lifetime benefits and affordable costs they bring. Our services are being hired by our clients due to the better protection from heat and UV rays, privacy, and security we provide. The following are the things that our security, solar, privacy, and decorative performance window tinting can do:

*             Blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays

*             Good privacy during the day

*             Heat reduction by up to 73%

*             Watch TV and computer better by significantly reducing glare

*             Protect home furnishings and blinds from losing colour

*             Glass windows are tougher

*             Energy-efficient

*             Dramatically increase your home’s property value and beautify your home


Excessive sunlight also has negative effects to you and your property even though natural lighting is all the rage. Things like carpets, draperies, hardwood finishes, custom paint, expensive artwork, and upholstery are going to deteriorate and fade when exposed to UV rays for a long time. UV rays can also harm or damage the skin and your electric bills will definitely go up because of the discomfort created by excessive heat.  You quality of living can be improved as well as you can protect your family with our help. The home window tinting solutions that we provide can definitely suit your needs and your lifestyle.

You can greatly reduce heat especially during summer time, as well as you can protect your property investments by taking the time to install home window tinting prices. Your HVAC system will greatly benefit because you and your family will be less dependent on air-conditioning. By preventing shards from scattering in case of burglaries, acts of vandalism, accidents, or even explosions security window tint decreases or lowers down the risk of injury as they are great in holding broken pieces of glass together.

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We accept anything that you require us to do as we don’t look at the how big or small it is. We will promptly manage and complete your home window tinting job right after you have approved our quote. You also have the freedom to choose your window tinting material and we will offer you our recommendations if necessary. With professionalism and efficiency, we will undertake the work.


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